June Updates

Raising up a New Generation of leaders


It’s very clear to us that our calling is to raise up children and youths who lives transformed life by investing on them things that will lasts so that our Lord Jesus can use them to make an impact to the nations. During the Global Discipleship Congress in Manila, Luis Bush shared the strategy in reaching out to the 4/14 window, which we are now doing: reach, rescue, root and release.
REACH- we introduce to the children a life-changing relationship with Jesus;
RESCUE-  we bring hope to a generation at risk by helping them to fulfill their dreams;
ROOT- we  help them develop a faith that will last a lifetime, through intentional discipleship and mentoring;
RELEASE- we equip them to be agents of transformation.

Our regular Sunday worship provides for the children opportunity to serve. Our 5am daily devotion is now in 3 groups. The primary students led by the older ones (secondary students take turns in leading them); the secondary students handled by our hostel father;  Jeph handles the potential and maturing leaders for intentional discipleship, these are the ones that will soon start a group of their own to disciple;
We are not far from releasing these children. Let’s pray that this new generation will really make an impact in the society for the glory of our Lord JESUS.

The bigger Hope House Family (picture taken after our Sunday worship)

Praise the Lord for new sport tee shirts, jackets and pants distributed to the all the children donated by a sister all the way from HongKong.

These are the boys from Hope House Chomthong

Praise the Lord for He’s raising a new generation of leaders

Our Prayer Requests
1. Wisdom from the Lord in leading the Foundation;
2. Favor from God and man in every endeavor that we do;
3. Unity among the staffs, good health and protection of all children and staffs;
4. Breakthrough in the hearts of the children:that they will stand up to be light and salt in their school.

Published by Hope Alive Foundation

“Honoring God by empowering children both in literacy and skill development to become a good steward of the society and become an agent of community transformation.”

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