August Updates

Mother’s Day

We just had a long weekend because of the celebration of the Queen’s birthday last August 12, Monday, that also the celebration of Mother’s Day for the kingdom. While some of the children went home to pay respect to their mother, half of the children stayed and we celebrated the occasion at the park. We had picnic and the children enjoyed their ride in a bicycle. For the actual celebration, my staffs arranged for a hearty meal to all mothers present in the hostel. It was a good deal of bonding and sharing time to all moms present. I received lots of kisses, literal kisses from my Hope House children telling me how much they love me.







ted Visitors
August 7, we had an unexpected visitors from the Department of Social Welfare and Development. It’s been a year since we submitted our application for Hope House to be accredited by the Department. They arrived complete with camera and taking photos even before they introduced themselves to us. Phupe (office staff) and Apple were busy in the office, rushed out to meet them. They checked the boys dorm and the girls dorm, our kitchen and toilets, our study area, music room and the office. Praise God they just advised us to take photos of all the facilities of the hostel and revised the documents. Apple will be the person in-charge for Hope House because of her qualification as a nurse. Once the documents are ready, it will be send to the Governor’s office and need to pass another inspection. Please continue to pray with us in this documents processing.
Green Building

For many months already, we were praying for the Green Building opposite the boys dorm that we want to use as our place of worship since our worship hall is too small to accommodate us.  Thank God for the provision (70,000 baht anonymous donation, one time) for the repair and processing of documents of water and electricity for the building. All our youths joined in with gladness cleaning the building. The building will also serve as our training center and a community service center open to the neighborhood. This is a friendly place to invite people in the neighborhood and serve them  there.

It’s a group of people meeting regularly to build up and mentor the youth. We study the Bible and reach out so that others can experience the love of Jesus Christ, too.
In Hope House, we started the iGroup that talks on the assurance of salvation and preparing our students to be a disciple that will make another disciple. We are excited in iGroup because each one has the opportunity to learn and share with each other. Please pray that while we do iGroup, our vision will be fulfilled that we are to raise generations that will make an impact for the Lord.

Our daily morning worship and Sunday worship help our student to use their gifts and talents. We come together to serve God and serve another.
Every Friday @ 7pm, we have committed people who pray. Please send us your prayer items/requests, and we are happy to pray with your concerns.
Pray for Bobo

Last Friday, August 16, we sent 3  children in the hospital: Ann for her regular heart check up, Phong has eye infection and Bobo with headache, fever and vomiting. Monday, August 19, he was diagnosed to have Dengue Fever. We hope and pray for immediate healing for Bobo. In the school  where Bobo attends, there are high incidence of Dengue. It’s the first confirmed Dengue case in Hope House since we moved in here 3 years ago. Pray that God’s protection will be upon us all.


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