Hope Alive Foundation was started by Jeph and Apple in 2011. This was in order to create a more effective foundation from which to minister to the Thai and hill tribes’ people. They believe that training young people, and equipping them with a strong moral, educational and spiritual base is one of the most effective way to change families, villages and nations. They want to enable, equip and empower their children, youth, parents and villages so that they are all built up in faith, hope, purpose, and zeal, and are motivated by the love of Jesus. The highest priority for Hope Alive Foundation is to disciple these young people to disciple others.

Hope Alive Foundation wants to address the needs of the young people they reach in a holistic way. Firstly, they aim to build a Christ-like mindset in these young people. They hope to teach them to commit to God, honor Christ, respect those around them, involve themselves with others and church, seek God, and to take the initiative as a Christ ambassador. Secondly they address any behavioral issues, often a result of poverty, and adolescent thinking by considering the needs of the “whole person”. This includes the areas of emotional and social development, as well as intellectual abilities, and health and physical growth. They believe that all aspects of life must be addressed in order to raise Christian men and women who have resilience, perseverance, moral character, a sense of responsibility and integrity, and an awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, Hope Alive Foundation provides a place where a good education can be obtained, and also helps the youth in choosing a career. Many youth in Thailand are unable to support themselves while studying at university. Hope House encourages their students to seriously consider attending a tertiary institution, and offers support and advice as the students decide what career path to take.

Another aspect to Hope Alive Foundation is their desire to empower tribal villages in His love. Again, they take a holistic approach. Firstly they help to engage community health workers to work within the village to promote health and hygiene, and prevent disease and injury. Secondly, they train and equip youths to be gainfully employed by serving the routine living needs of the community, in order to achieve a higher quality of living for themselves and their families, as well as their village. Thirdly, they will help set up a village co-operative to empower members to be self-sustaining, and have a greater quality of life. Finally, they encourage and help enable entrepreneurship and microfinance among the villagers. This will help them to support themselves and each other, and encourage small businesses. In all these approaches, Hope Alive Foundation hopes that Jesus will be glorified, while servant leadership, Christian stewardship and integrity will be put into practice.

God brings Christian volunteers from different countries to help serve Hope Alive Foundation. These volunteers help the children in their spiritual growth and leadership. As volunteers express their love and acceptance to the children, the children learn the meaning of true servant hood and about the unconditional love found in following Jesus. It also helps both the children and the volunteers to realize how important they are in the eyes of God and that they belong in God’s family.

God’s kingdom is indeed growing here in the hill tribes of Northern Thailand. But, we cannot do this alone. We pray to our Lord Jesus to touch more people and send more workers who have the burden in fulfilling the Great Commission here in Northern Thailand.

“Our vision is to prevent the children from [becoming] at risk of human trafficking because of their ignorance, lack of education and their status in life, and ensure a brighter future for them. While under our care we want to develop the children’s self-esteem. We want them to have equal political, social, economic and educational opportunities through the reduction of family hardships and children’s vulnerability to be trafficked and we want the isolated villages to understand the importance of education”. – Jephte Garcia, Director, Hope Alive Foundation

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field”. Matthew 9:37-38.

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