We Graduated!

Nine years ago, Jeph went to Tadusuki Village to invite children who wants to study in the lowland. This year, 5 students from Hope House graduated in high school –and ALL of them have plans to continue their studies! Four of them were hand- picked by Jeph from that village at the age of 6 to start their schooling for Primary school. In their village, students walk for 30 minutes to 1 hour to attend to the nearest primary school. While the other one was sent to Hope House when nobody to take care of him because of his father was in jail and the mother leave them to work in Bangkok.

It was really a big challenge for these students to compete to the lowlanders but in the end their eagerness to finish school pays. They finished high school but their dreams didn’t stop there. While some of their friends back in the village didn’t continue their studies anymore, these children from Hope House follow their dreams.

Kalaya passed her entrance exam to take her pre-uni years majoring in Mathematics and Science. She wants to be a nurse someday. Aruni and Nathika were enrolled to take Food and Nutrition for 3 years before entering university. Samochai and Wichian were enrolled to technical schools for Motorcycle Repair.

Our students are dreamers. They never stopped pursuing their dreams. They never focus on what they don’t have but instead motivated to run the race of finishing high school. Though parents has no idea what to do with their child’s dreams, proper guidance and hope will lead them to be victorious ready to face life challenges ahead.

The children in Tadusuki Village 9 years ago
The children in Tadusuki Village 9 years ago
The Graduates
The Graduates

This coming May, SY 2013-2014, we have new batch of young dreamers joining our Hope House Family. In Hope House Maerim, we will be around 40 children. Our family of hopeful and dreamer children is really growing!!!


Future Leaders

“I see him, but I neglect him. I treat him as a real nuisance, a distraction, a trouble-maker and irritating little one who I constantly have to feed, clothe and spend money for his daily needs. I spend more time building my dreams and ambitions to earn more wealth and respect than spending time listening to his thoughts, help fulfilling his hopes and dreams…. simply because he’s a child”. – parent


Sadly, there are countless of children who do not experience having a complete family or may have families but do not experience the loving attention and acceptance they deserve. So they seek those needs elsewhere. Most of these children are guided by bad friends and social network portals that influence the way they think, feel and behave. Sex, violence and gambling shown in every technology imaginable had affected their moral values and point of views. Therefore more and more pre-marital sex, rape, abortion, juvenile delinquencies, child prostitution and child abuse are taking place in this immoral society. Despite this string of bad news, there is hope. These children who are poor, unwanted, and victimized are the most receptive to the Good News.


This is basically why Hope Alive Foundation is passionate with what they do. We want to be an agent in transforming the lives of these children and teenagers for Jesus Christ by providing them opportunities for educational services.

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.-Prov 22:6

Hope Alive Foundation is an offshoot of Hope House that provides the needy hilltribes children opportunities to educational services, promoting their standard of living through knowledge of theory and practical experience.

It Takes A Village

We helped start a school and we ended up being part of a village—much like an adopted family.

We did not know anyone in the Thai village when we first came there in 2007. We said we wanted to help put up a daycare center for their young children, and they accepted our offer. We witnessed how the people of the village worked together, despite the rains, to make the school ready for their young ones.

Classes started the same year with two local teachers and 24 students with ages ranging from three to six.

Having the daycare is like taking care of a baby. We were not sure what we wanted to do, but we were excited on the development we see every time we come to the village. Despite the difficulty of maintaining the bamboo walls clean and having to bear with the steel roof that makes the room either too hot (when it is sunny) or too noisy (when it is raining), we saw the enthusiasm in the teachers, children, and their parents, who provided the encouragement we needed to pray more and work harder on the curriculum and the week-by-week lessons we want the kids to learn.

Before the first school year ended, we were able to bring Christmas to the village, befriend the parents of the children as well as the village leaders, who raised enough funds for the daycare’s reconstruction. Again, it was the villagers who worked hard to turn our simple daycare made of bamboo into a modest-looking school made of concrete with a very nice ceiling and clean walls.

750 x 380 - It takes a village

During the three years that we worked at the daycare, the villagers have been very kind and accommodating. Whenever we come for a visit, we were usually greeted with friendly smiles, an invitation to dine in a house, or sleep in one of the village-owned guest houses. After this we usually go back home with vegetables, flowers, coffee, or rice, courtesy of the generous villagers.

This Buddhist-animist village knows we are Christians, but they welcomed us because they saw we came to meet a need in their place. And as we meet that need, we were able to build relationships with them, relationships that enabled us to talk with them, pray for them, and tell them about Jesus.

Initially, we told them that we only plan to help them operate the daycare for two years. Since they were not yet ready to do it on their own last year, we recommitted our support for one more year. This extension became our opportunity to be more open in sharing about Jesus and the Bible.

When teams from different countries and churches visit us, we also bring them to the village so that they may also see the people, pray for them, and share the Gospel to them. We believe that as the Lord’s Word is sown in this village, their heart will be opened by God to hear, listen, and understand the message of Jesus’ love and God’s plan of salvation for everyone who believes.

In 2010, we started doing house church in the village. On Sundays when we can come, we talk with the villagers and the Lord leads us to pray with them. We visit the children’s families and pray with them. We sing songs and pray with those who already confessed that they believe in Jesus. We tell stories from the Bible and let the Holy Spirit speak to these people about their sins, their family problems, their beliefs.

We know that our time with helping them in the daycare is done, but the task of leading them to the Lord is just starting.

During the 3rd year’s daycare graduation and closing ceremony, we were assured that we will always be welcome in the village. They say that we are family. We pray that will not be long in becoming a reality, that we will all be a family in the Lord.

Making disciples of all nations

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28v19-20


There are over half a million tribal people from neighboring countries like Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia who migrate to Northern Thailand to escape from the brutal and oppressive governments of their countries. Because hill tribe people are not native Thais, they face prejudice and blatant discrimination areas such as employment, education, healthcare and housing. Many children in these villages experience child abuse or physical neglect and can be orphaned or even abandoned by their families due to extreme poverty. They are also vulnerable to child trafficking and child exploitation. Who will save them from such despairing and frustrating situations?  Who will hear their cry for help? Who will go for them when their families and the government has already abandoned them? Will their Buddhism and Animism practices help them?

“How then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent?” Romans 10:14-15.

After having been exposed to a tribal environment, Jeph and Apple Garcia prayed and asked God to lead them to a ministry that would influence the development of tribal villages and bring God’s love and salvation to their hearts. They believe that the transformation of the hill tribes in Northern Thailand starts with godly men and women who are equipped to lead and disciple their own people in the knowledge and saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jeph and Apple established Hope House in November, 2003, in Chomthong District, Chiang Mai. It started when the couple decided to build a hostel (called Hope House) near the government school where the tribal children can study. At the hostel, they provided accommodation and the necessary provisions for the physical needs of these children, addressed their emotional hurts and pains through counseling, and discipled and taught the children to know and love God.

As the students at the hostel shared their testimonies, more and more families believed and accepted Jesus in their hearts. This has lead to a trust-based relationship being established between the Garcias and the village. Jeph and Apple have gone on to develop further community development activities within this community, such as medical or dental missions, Bible distribution, and watching Jesus films or other Christian local language films. The relationship between the Garcias and the community has opened doors for two more ministries: the tribal outreach ministry and School-in-the-Village Project.

In 2011, Jeph and Apple started the Hope Alive Foundation.

Hope Alive Foundation


Hope Alive Foundation was started by Jeph and Apple in 2011. This was in order to create a more effective foundation from which to minister to the Thai and hill tribes’ people. They believe that training young people, and equipping them with a strong moral, educational and spiritual base is one of the most effective way to change families, villages and nations. They want to enable, equip and empower their children, youth, parents and villages so that they are all built up in faith, hope, purpose, and zeal, and are motivated by the love of Jesus. The highest priority for Hope Alive Foundation is to disciple these young people to disciple others.

Hope Alive Foundation wants to address the needs of the young people they reach in a holistic way. Firstly, they aim to build a Christ-like mindset in these young people. They hope to teach them to commit to God, honor Christ, respect those around them, involve themselves with others and church, seek God, and to take the initiative as a Christ ambassador. Secondly they address any behavioral issues, often a result of poverty, and adolescent thinking by considering the needs of the “whole person”. This includes the areas of emotional and social development, as well as intellectual abilities, and health and physical growth. They believe that all aspects of life must be addressed in order to raise Christian men and women who have resilience, perseverance, moral character, a sense of responsibility and integrity, and an awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, Hope Alive Foundation provides a place where a good education can be obtained, and also helps the youth in choosing a career. Many youth in Thailand are unable to support themselves while studying at university. Hope House encourages their students to seriously consider attending a tertiary institution, and offers support and advice as the students decide what career path to take.

Another aspect to Hope Alive Foundation is their desire to empower tribal villages in His love. Again, they take a holistic approach. Firstly they help to engage community health workers to work within the village to promote health and hygiene, and prevent disease and injury. Secondly, they train and equip youths to be gainfully employed by serving the routine living needs of the community, in order to achieve a higher quality of living for themselves and their families, as well as their village. Thirdly, they will help set up a village co-operative to empower members to be self-sustaining, and have a greater quality of life. Finally, they encourage and help enable entrepreneurship and microfinance among the villagers. This will help them to support themselves and each other, and encourage small businesses. In all these approaches, Hope Alive Foundation hopes that Jesus will be glorified, while servant leadership, Christian stewardship and integrity will be put into practice.

God brings Christian volunteers from different countries to help serve Hope Alive Foundation. These volunteers help the children in their spiritual growth and leadership. As volunteers express their love and acceptance to the children, the children learn the meaning of true servant hood and about the unconditional love found in following Jesus. It also helps both the children and the volunteers to realize how important they are in the eyes of God and that they belong in God’s family.

God’s kingdom is indeed growing here in the hill tribes of Northern Thailand. But, we cannot do this alone. We pray to our Lord Jesus to touch more people and send more workers who have the burden in fulfilling the Great Commission here in Northern Thailand.

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field”. Matthew 9:37-38.

August Updates

Mother’s Day

We just had a long weekend because of the celebration of the Queen’s birthday last August 12, Monday, that also the celebration of Mother’s Day for the kingdom. While some of the children went home to pay respect to their mother, half of the children stayed and we celebrated the occasion at the park. We had picnic and the children enjoyed their ride in a bicycle. For the actual celebration, my staffs arranged for a hearty meal to all mothers present in the hostel. It was a good deal of bonding and sharing time to all moms present. I received lots of kisses, literal kisses from my Hope House children telling me how much they love me.







ted Visitors
August 7, we had an unexpected visitors from the Department of Social Welfare and Development. It’s been a year since we submitted our application for Hope House to be accredited by the Department. They arrived complete with camera and taking photos even before they introduced themselves to us. Phupe (office staff) and Apple were busy in the office, rushed out to meet them. They checked the boys dorm and the girls dorm, our kitchen and toilets, our study area, music room and the office. Praise God they just advised us to take photos of all the facilities of the hostel and revised the documents. Apple will be the person in-charge for Hope House because of her qualification as a nurse. Once the documents are ready, it will be send to the Governor’s office and need to pass another inspection. Please continue to pray with us in this documents processing.
Green Building

For many months already, we were praying for the Green Building opposite the boys dorm that we want to use as our place of worship since our worship hall is too small to accommodate us.  Thank God for the provision (70,000 baht anonymous donation, one time) for the repair and processing of documents of water and electricity for the building. All our youths joined in with gladness cleaning the building. The building will also serve as our training center and a community service center open to the neighborhood. This is a friendly place to invite people in the neighborhood and serve them  there.

It’s a group of people meeting regularly to build up and mentor the youth. We study the Bible and reach out so that others can experience the love of Jesus Christ, too.
In Hope House, we started the iGroup that talks on the assurance of salvation and preparing our students to be a disciple that will make another disciple. We are excited in iGroup because each one has the opportunity to learn and share with each other. Please pray that while we do iGroup, our vision will be fulfilled that we are to raise generations that will make an impact for the Lord.

Our daily morning worship and Sunday worship help our student to use their gifts and talents. We come together to serve God and serve another.
Every Friday @ 7pm, we have committed people who pray. Please send us your prayer items/requests, and we are happy to pray with your concerns.
Pray for Bobo

Last Friday, August 16, we sent 3  children in the hospital: Ann for her regular heart check up, Phong has eye infection and Bobo with headache, fever and vomiting. Monday, August 19, he was diagnosed to have Dengue Fever. We hope and pray for immediate healing for Bobo. In the school  where Bobo attends, there are high incidence of Dengue. It’s the first confirmed Dengue case in Hope House since we moved in here 3 years ago. Pray that God’s protection will be upon us all.


July Updates

With the purpose to reach out and bring our children to rootedness in the Word, we appreciate helps and efforts in teaching our children to be Kingdom disciple. Thanks to SayBeng and team for coming over and training our students and even the staffs.This training will be an ongoing one and will cover a wide spectrum, which will eventually equip Hope House children/youth to be disciples of Jesus Christ for the nation of Thailand and beyond,  to fulfill the  Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20

Sowing, and by God’s empowering grace, we can win people to Christ. The church that pleases God go and make disciples for His glory and honor.

New children accept Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour, and the rest decide to be a real follower of Jesus.

Meet Kalaya, Aruni and Nathika. They arrived in Hope House 10 years ago and were enrolled in Primary 1. Now, they can lead the worship and teach the younger children in our morning devotion. In Hope House, we have the opportunity to serve and use our talents for the glory of God.
We acknowledged the importance of prayer and intercession in advancing the ministry. We formed a prayer group that back-up the ministry of Hope House.

Every Friday, our leaders gather regularly to pray to our Lord Jesus. Indeed, we see how God works.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

… and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Serving is doing what we can with what we’ve got and leaving the rest to God. We are to serve God because we love Him, not to earn His favor.
We are now ready to serve the community.
We want to  take another step of faith in the months to follow and we are excited about it!!! We are praying that God will allow us to  rent this green building to be used as the Training center and worship hall in Hope House Maerim. It is at the back of boys dorm, across the road. We need a start up budget to fix the electrical wirings, water system and some repairs inside that will cost from 50-70 thousand baht. We pray that the monthly rent (5,000 baht) will be provided as well as the utilities.

June Updates

Raising up a New Generation of leaders


It’s very clear to us that our calling is to raise up children and youths who lives transformed life by investing on them things that will lasts so that our Lord Jesus can use them to make an impact to the nations. During the Global Discipleship Congress in Manila, Luis Bush shared the strategy in reaching out to the 4/14 window, which we are now doing: reach, rescue, root and release.
REACH- we introduce to the children a life-changing relationship with Jesus;
RESCUE-  we bring hope to a generation at risk by helping them to fulfill their dreams;
ROOT- we  help them develop a faith that will last a lifetime, through intentional discipleship and mentoring;
RELEASE- we equip them to be agents of transformation.

Our regular Sunday worship provides for the children opportunity to serve. Our 5am daily devotion is now in 3 groups. The primary students led by the older ones (secondary students take turns in leading them); the secondary students handled by our hostel father;  Jeph handles the potential and maturing leaders for intentional discipleship, these are the ones that will soon start a group of their own to disciple;
We are not far from releasing these children. Let’s pray that this new generation will really make an impact in the society for the glory of our Lord JESUS.

The bigger Hope House Family (picture taken after our Sunday worship)

Praise the Lord for new sport tee shirts, jackets and pants distributed to the all the children donated by a sister all the way from HongKong.

These are the boys from Hope House Chomthong

Praise the Lord for He’s raising a new generation of leaders

Our Prayer Requests
1. Wisdom from the Lord in leading the Foundation;
2. Favor from God and man in every endeavor that we do;
3. Unity among the staffs, good health and protection of all children and staffs;
4. Breakthrough in the hearts of the children:that they will stand up to be light and salt in their school.

May Updates

Truck Updates
As the new school year starts, the Lord has timely blessed us with a brand new truck which will be made into a school transport of Hope Alive Foundation. We thank the Lord for all who have prayed with us, labored with us and assisted us financially to be able to purchase this truck.
The following are the money that we received specifically for this truck (594,268.00 Baht)
Aj. Matt & Aj. Michelle  29,668
Aj. Gary M                              17,500
Julz B                                          4,600
Anonymous                        57,500
Anonymous                      419,000
Wong Family                       20,000
Anonymous                        46,000
(For any unaccounted donation/s, please let us know. Receipts will be mailed by the end of the fiscal year)

At the Isuzu Office

Hope Alive’s new truck 

I thank God for the gift of motherhood: a special opportunity to be mother to Jabez and Joy, the Hope House children and the children in the village.
Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there!!!

Back to school
16 May: First day of school at Ban Pranon Primary School (Maerim)

Having breakfast at HH

Before going to School

Dinner time at HH

Last Sunday (May 12) was our first Sunday worship in Chomthong for this month. We thank our Lord Jesus for our children and our staffs who led our Worship Service there. In the afternoon, we had fun time with the children in the sala and went out for a picnic at the nearby waterfalls.

We praise the Lord for his favor and mercy towards us. We also bless you all for being a part of this journey by being with us, helping us and praying with us. Thank you for being channels of God’s blessing to the Hope House Ministry. Thank you for your continuous partnership in the Lord’s work!