A Children’s Home that helps needy tribal children who live in distressing circumstances in Northern Thailand. They live without hope and their future is uncertain. These children usually are from the marginalized groups, from situation of degenerate poverty, HIV patients, and broken families (either parents died, separated or in prison).  It is a place of nurture, meeting the physical and emotional needs of the children as well as imparting spiritual training to enable them to grow in Christ.

We provide:

  • SHELTER – a home while studying in the nearest government school.
  • SCHOLARSHIP – giving educational assistance to each child.
  • SKILLS – basic primary health care and vocational skills were introduced.
  • SPIRITUAL TRAINING – exposure to the Word and the family of God.



“By providing a safe loving home and access to education we can change lives.”

Wholistic transformation of the hill tribe villages through a strong foundation built among their children

Moral, Educational and Spiritual foundation for every child in the tribal villages of Northern Thailand

A safe and homely place nearest to the government educational facility.

These children deserve the opportunities to be in school.

Hope House Tribal Home is a ministry which started in November 2003 after our more than 4 years of exposure to tribal outreach on the mountains of ChiangMai.  It is located in Jomthong District and occupies a rented area that used to be a prostitution den.It is primarily supported by donations and help from individual persons and is run mostly by volunteers.It receives children from seven hill tribe villages nearest the vicinity of the District (the nearest being 5 hours away walk with no public transportation available)   It needs people who are willing to extend their helping hand in reaching out and leading little hands in believing there is really Hope and Life beyond the mountains.We would like to invite you to be a regular partner of this ministry. We want you to continue  to experience the blessing and joy of helping change lives for the better—by sharing true love and the message of abundant living that come from God.

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