WELCOME! (Sawasdee!)

Volunteer opportunities are provided to youth and adults who are interested in gaining experience working with or helping tribal children and families. Hope House, located in ChiangMai, Thailand, provides volunteers with meaningful volunteer opportunities, a safe and supportive environment, and clear guidelines for what is expected of volunteers. We are accepting volunteer applications from both individuals as well as groups may it be short-term or long-term exposure trippers.

What to Expect in your Cross Cultural Exposure Trip (CCET):
People of all ages go on a short-term mission trip seeking God’s direction. Often when they are removed from familiar contacts and circumstances at home, God is able to reveal His will to them, whether it be in full-time Christian service of not.


Going on a Cross Cultural Exposure Trip (CCET) gives you:

1) Cross-cultural Relations Learning Trip

  • It is a different world on the foreign field although many of the things you see may look like home. Our Thai friends do things in a way that works just fine for them and it is for us as foreigners to learn about their life-style, understand it and adapt to it. Away from home and your comfort zone you will find yourself doing things you never knew you could do. You will be stretched in areas that weren’t even available back home. All of these experiences result in the maturing of our character.


2) Hands-On Experience Trip

  • There is nothing “put on” or artificial about the field where you will serve. The hot or cool weather, the dirt, the strange sounds and smells, the foreign language and with people of another culture are all genuine and real. This is “missionary work” which countless servants of Christ are experiencing daily all over the world.


3) Fun and Work Trip

  • You may be expected to spend hours of dedicated work such as wall painting, making of handicrafts, mending fish breeding nets, landscaping, farming, teaching English and the like.
  • Likewise, depending on your schedule, you may have some time for recreation, soccer, fishing, elephant riding, river rafting, shopping & sight-seeing.

4) Opportunity to See God Do Miracles in Answer to Prayer

  • We encourage every one to look to the Lord for every need, whether it be financial, physical, spiritual, emotional or whatever and to remember that He works in answer to believing prayer. (see Matt. 7:7,8; 21:22; John. 14:13, 14; Eph. 6:18)

5) Evangelistic, Seed Sowing and Spiritual Experience Trip

  • Through our scheduled tribal outreach, giving testimonies, participating in worship service, you will instill the Word of God in their lives. You will bring souls to salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus.
  • Through the morning and evening devotions and ministering of the various outreaches, spiritual lives are deepened and strengthened.



6) “Life Changing” Trip

  • As we see how other children live, it makes us grateful for what God has given us and makes us realize our responsibility to use our lives, our health and our wealth to serve others better.

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