Build A Home

Dear friends and supporters of Hope House,
We Hope to have our own home permanently

The Hope House children have the “taste” of the place. It’s our “resort to spend the holiday” at the moment. We pray to own the place soon, in Jesus’ name. Amen!
Our humble beginning started in November 2003 at Chomthong District, 90 kms away from the city of ChiangMai. Our first 12 batch of students, whose only wish were to be in school to acquire a good education- were housed in an old snooker house, which was a well-known “casalong” area (or motel) in the neighborhood. It was a like a rectangular box divided into several rooms to house 6 boys, 6 girls and our house parents with one toilet inside. Later on, through the help of visiting volunteers, we were able to improve the facilities: the nearby abandoned area was developed to be the Boys’ Dorm, we built a bigger kitchen and have added toilets and bathrooms as required by the Government’s Social Development and Human Security department.

We spent 10 happy years in that home. However, one day the owner told us we need to vacate the house as soon as possible because they have sold the place to make into a commercial area. That situation was a traumatic experience to all of us because we don’t know where to go immediately as the children are still studying in a school near the home. It was hard and heart breaking for all of us to leave a home with so much sweet memories. But we have no other alternative. We need to leave things behind. Another challenge, is the adjustment to a new school and building relationships in a new place.

This need led us to look for a place closer to the city. Since our children are growing and need more opportunities to study beyond M3 (third year high school), this move also – somehow- provided the students to think of going higher in their educational pursuit. We were able to find a place that is good enough to house a few girls (some of them from the Chomthong Home). Other children would want to join us in the home but we are required to have a certain distance between boys and girls dorm. We prayed and found the Lord’s favor to be upon us when the house in front our first home became available! That house in front is much bigger but with higher rent. It helped us improve our facilities and accommodate more children. Our good experience and joy attracts more children to join us in the home. Next, we rented another facility at the back of the first home, to have a bigger worship place and to accommodate University students.

With our growing family housed in different rented facilities, there is a growing fear that one day, we may have to move out from one of them: we fear that one day, one of the houseowners may ask us to leave because she need to use her house- just like what happened to us in the past. Or one of the owners may ask for a higher rent that we cannot pay which can result to a termination of our house rent contract. For any sudden change of housing, we will need to reconsider changing schools for our students again.We still believe that these children deserve to be in school. To keep our dreams alive, we need a permanent home. We are excited about a new project that will help the children have a home that can never be sold. We would love you to partner with us to see the vision for a permanent home for Hope House to become a reality.
We want a more secure and permanent home. Would you help us to acquire one?

We need a land approximately 2 rai (3,200 sq. m) to cater for 2 separate facilities for boys and girls with their own toilets, sleeping rooms for staffs and volunteers, and one multipurpose hall with kitchen to facilitate joint activities of the children. We are raising 4 Million Baht (MTB) to buy a land and build the first building facilities for the children.

Sample Floor Plan
Hope House is registered under the Social Development and Human Security Department depend on donations from individual people. Hope Alive Foundation is legalized since June 2011 issued receipt for any monetary contribution for Hope House. The land that Hope House can have will be registered under the name of the foundation Please help us in completing these projects.
This is how you can help:
1.Share this information with your family and friends;
2 Donate materials and equipment to construct the buildings;
3 Donate funds to purchase the land. Whatever amount that can be given will be highly appreciated.

Please help to give these destitute children and many more in the future the opportunity to study in school, to learn personal discipline to achieve their dreams in life, to experience the love of others and other family comforts that we often take for granted, and lastly, to witness what can be achieved when good people work together.
Your help will never be forgotten.
You are such a blessing to us.

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