Tribal Outreach



Hope House started building relationships with the people by distributing blankets during the cold months of October to February. It serves as entry points for Hope House, visiting the villages occasionally throughout the year to gain more trust-based relationships. To date, they have given blankets to 250 families in five remote villages.

They have gained support among some families, indicated by the families’ sending their children to live in the Tribal Children’s Home. The implementer is able to gather the village residents for different activities. They show films on real life stories of Karen and Hmong individuals who have been changed by God’s Word. Follow-up includes visits to the villages and the distribution of Bibles in the tribal dialect and Thai language. 


  •  TO DEVELOP a trust based relationship between Hope House and the villagers.
  •  TO SHARE the saving knowledge of God.    
  •  TO EXTEND a helping hand to the future generation of the villagers




Mercy Ministry for the Poor
The remoteness of villages and widespread poverty prevents the Hill Tribes people to gain access health care facilities and medical services. Hope House brings in teams for medical outreaches. We partner with different churches and organizations that have the heart, resources and burden for these tribal people. We provide not only medical services, but also are involved in community development activities like distribution of personal toiletries, books, clothing and food. We also minister by praying for their health and needs. By offering friendship and practical support, we can show them their importance to us, as well as the unconditional love we find in Jesus.

 Community Development

There are several Karen and Hmong villages scattered from the Chiang Mai provincial capital where we have established relationships within the community. Hope Alive Foundation was able to gather the village residents to view evangelistic films and to participate in dialogue on matters concerning their village. We work with local pastors and their churches in this outreach. We also participate in district meetings organized by the government.


School Outreach

Hope Alive Foundation is also involved in local outreach to the Hope House children’s schools. When teams of volunteers visit the Foundation, they have the opportunity to visit the schools, to play games, tell stories, sing, and share their culture with the students.SONY DSC

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